Most Sought Items

  1. Strollers
  2. High Chairs/ Boosters
  3. Jumpers/ Exersaucers
  4. Bedroom Furniture
  5. Clothing 4-16 Boys/Girls
  6. Potties
  7. Baby Monitors
  8. Electronic Toys

Items Currently On Hold

  1. Onesies
  2. Baby Bath Tubs

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Bring in your items that you would like to sell, we ask that you give us about 3 days to sort, catalog and tag your items. We will then contact you if you would like to collect your belongings that we will not be selling or you can choose to donate them. Everyone who brings in goods to sell will receive their own account to keep track of your sales. We also ask that you try not to bring in more than 50 items at a time.

How to bring in your items:

  1. Make sure your items are clean. When we are processing your belongings, wrinkled clothing and animal hair make them look less appealing. If we do take the items, they are less likely to be picked up by customers as well.
  2. Smoke free home. We require your items to be from a smoke free home. Not only do clothing from a smoked-in home smell off, they also rub onto other items they would be placed with, therefore making other people’s items less appealing. If we smell smoke, we will not take your items.
  3. Please check your clothes for rips and tears and stains. We will only take items in their original condition, unaltered and in great used condition.
  4. Clothing that is newer in style and trend sell a lot faster than older ones. We try our best to only take items that are of most current styles although we do like classic baby clothing and the odd unique pieces.
  5. As for brands, we look for items that are of a better quality than generic brands such as George and Joe Fresh. We still do take these items but only in their best condition.
  6. What we look for in baby gear and toys is that they come with all or most pieces original to each item. Also it must be functional and unaltered. We check every single toy and electronic item that comes in to make sure it is in working condition. (Hint: A quick wipe down of toys and large items will most likely make your items sell faster and at a higher price.)
  7. Larger items are very popular and sell very fast. We will take almost any kind of baby gear or furniture but we do not sell recalled items or car seats.

What do we buy?

We will consider anything that is child-related. Examples are: toys, clothing, baby baths, excersaucers, décor, educational devices, kid’s bedding, bedroom furniture etc. All items must be in excellent, clean, working condition as expected.

How do I get paid?

After your items are processed, they are added to an account in your name. Once each item sells, 40% of the sale price is added to your account. You can then collect your earnings once a month between the 15th and the end of each month. You can also use it as store credit and get an extra 10%.

Do you take big items?

It doesn’t hurt to try! Send us a picture or call us up. If you cannot deliver, let us know and depending on location, we can arrange a pick up.