We are happy to welcome you to become a part of Old Oak Chest!

(Agreement As of December 1, 2017)


Consignment Guidelines:

  1. We accept current clothes, toys, baby items that are in great condition.
  • Clean, free of rips, tears and stains
  • Smoke free environment
  • Fully functional
  • Complete sets
  1. We Do not accept items
  • Soiled
  • Broken
  • Recalled
  • Items older than 5 years
  1. We have the right to refuse any items that we do not think could sell at this time. Keep in mind that high end brands and recent styles sell faster.
    4. Old Oak Chest accepts a maximum of 1 tote of Clothing, 2 Totes of Toys per consignment visit. (No maximums for Furniture and Baby Gear)
    5. Upon completion of consignment inputting Old Oak Chest gives the Consignor a maximum of 7 days after being contacted to pick up items not accepted for consignment.
    6. Items Not Collected after 7 days will be donated.

1. Old Oak Chest will solely decide on the price of each item at our discretion.
2.Old Oak Chest prices items according to age, condition, brand and previous sales.
3.All items are subject to store sales or discounts that may occur at anytime.

1. Old Oak Chest promises to do our best to keep your items in their original condition and organized to the best of our ability.
2.  Old Oak Chest will not be held responsible for theft, loss or damage to any consigned item. 3. All risk of ownership of consigned items shall stay with the consignor. Old Oak Chest does not make any warranties or guarantees of the safety or suitability of your items consigned.
1. Every time one of your items sells, your consignment percentage will be added to your account based on the final sale value.
2. The Consignor may use store credit at anytime.
3. Between the 15th of each month you may contact us or come in to collect your balance until the end of the month.
Contract Terms
1.This Consignment Agreement is based on a 90-Day term, beginning on the day of drop off.
2. Consignment Rate:

Items Below $20 %40 to Consignor
Items Above $20 %50 to Consignor

3.The consignment agreement ends after 90 days.
4. Unsold items valued BELOW $20 per item, become property of Old Oak Chest after 90 days from agreement date.
5. Unsold items valued OVER $20 per item, must be collected within 7 days from contact or becomes property of Old Oak Chest
6. You may at anytime remove your items from the old oak chest before the contract expiry. A $0.50 fee per item will be charged for stocking, pricing and storing each item, up to $20.00 per occasion. This amount may be deducted from your account, if available, or will be required to be paid before any items are returned. Please provide us with 24-hour notice.
7. Old Oak Chest, at any time, and at our sole discretion, may modify and update these Terms and Conditions of service.  Any such modification will become effective immediately and will be available at www.oldoakchest.ca/terms.